About us.

We are leaders in corporate communications, PR & media, stakeholder and reputation management.

Build, Grow, Protect – Established 2003.

What we do.

Media Relations

If you have a great story, we can help you tell it. Our experienced team of former journalists know what makes news and why. We understand what works and how to position your brand for maximum impact. By working strategically and thinking outside the box, we help clients stand up, stand out and make their voices heard.

Consumer & Retail PR

Blending creativity with a commercial focus, our work in the retail, consumer and events space helps capture the attention and imagination of consumers. We take the time to understand the key commercial drivers behind every scope before designing truly unique campaigns that bring brands to life and deliver commercial outcomes for our clients.

Communication Strategy

All businesses have a voice but very few are heard. Why? Because most don’t have a clear plan to help tell their story. We bring the bigger picture into focus by designing and executing strategies that engage and motivate stakeholders. Ours is a practical approach that maps a clear direction, articulates the tactics to get there and then gives life to each plan.

Corporate Affairs & Reputation Management

Building, growing and protecting reputations is what we’re known for. From start-ups to mature companies, we help clients build a compelling corporate story by driving debate, influencing outcomes, starting conversations and standing out for all the right reasons.

Issues & Crisis Management

When the stakes are high, you want us in your corner. For more than a decade, GT Communications has been trusted to deftly steer our clients through the most challenging and unpredictable of circumstances. Haven’t heard about the latest fire we put out? That’s kind of the point.

Community & Stakeholder Relations

Having an active, authentic dialogue with stakeholders is crucial to an organisation’s success. After all, engaged stakeholders can be a brand’s most powerful advocate. Our work in the community and stakeholder relations space is informed by hands on research backed by experience and meticulous execution. We develop strategies that influence opinions, start conversations and build lasting relationships.

Media Training

From CEOs to entire boards, we specialise in preparing clients for intense media scrutiny. We know what it takes to successfully manage a high-stakes interview because we have worked in media at the highest levels, across all mediums. Our clients get situation-specific training from the best in the business which is tailored to the experience and roles of the participants and to the business or industry you operate in.

Digital Strategy & Social Media

At GT Communications, we combine modern, forward-thinking digital strategy with compelling content to tell your brand story in a way that’s both persuasive and engaging.

Corporate Social Responsibility & NFP Partnerships

Doing right by doing good is fundamental to the success of modern businesses and increasingly what sets top performers apart from the crowd. We understand the relationship between CSR and PR and how the two work to build reputations and engage communities. Our team works with clients to develop, implement and leverage meaningful CSR strategies that are authentic and impactful and help build reputations for excellence and innovation.

Our clients.