Tianqi is the world’s largest lithium producer and a major player in the push for greater economic diversity within WA. The company has invested $700 million in a landmark processing plant in Kwinana, capable of producing 48,000 tonnes of battery-grade lithium hydroxide.

A Chinese-owned company, Tianqi’s corporate reputation is arguably its most important asset in allowing the business to successfully operate in Australia. Tianqi is passionate about making a positive impact in communities where it operates. howerver, its previous foray into CSR had been ad-hoc and lacking in direction. GT Communicationswas appointed in 2017 to develop a bold and effective new approach.

The result was a unique language-to-schools initiative that provides Mandarin lessons to school local children. Now in its third year, the $300,000 program has grown into a valuable partnership providing mutual benefits to Tianqi and the local community and delivering ongoing positive media exposure.